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Intake Starter Kit

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  • 15 Uses of Intake Tabs - 15 days/nights of unobstructed nose breathing

  • Reusable Tab Applicator - Allows easy application & pin-point accuracy

  • Reusable Intake Nasal Dilators (4 sizes) our revolutionary nasal dilator in four sizes so you can find the best fit for your sport or activity. Suited for daytime and nighttime use.

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Breathe Right Always Let Us Down

So We Made Something Better 

Breathing through your nose can be tough.

Finding an effective nasal dilator that is comfortable and stays on is even tougher.

Meet Intake Breathing

Intake opens your nose to its widest capacity and will not come off during sleep or sweat. Intake's design pulls from the Band, not the skin from the bridge of your nose and won't damage the delicate skin & blood vessels inside your nose.

Mouth Breathing Dilemma 

Mouth breathing is an awful experience. Finding an effective nose breathing aid is just as miserable. 

A proper nasal dilator should not:

  • Fall off - your old nasal strip always comes off 

  • Damage or irritate your skin - creating a rash and pulling skin off - inside or outside your nose

  • Under perform - a good nasal strip should actually open your nose. Not just sit there. 

Instead, we took Intake to the next level:

  • Superior dilation - up to 80% better than Breathe Right

  • More durable and made to last all day or night. No matter what.

  • Better fit and comfort with six different sizes that open your nose exactly as much as you need.

    Made by nose breathers who care.

Breathe Right Just Doesn't Cut It

Breathe Right Just Doesn't Cut It

Intake Starter Kit

The Intake Kit comes with everything you need to get started, including 15 uses of Tabs so you can try Intake for 15 days/nights.

Try Intake Breathing Risk Free - Satisfaction Guaranteed

Three Easy Steps For Success

Night and day difference

Intake helps support each and every breath, whether you’re wearing it through your afternoon workout or a full night’s sleep.


Help sharpen your focus and boost your endurance while you’re up and at ‘em.


Support your nervous system and sleep cycle so you can rest up and do it all again.

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