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Long Lasting
Our sweat-wicking tabs are made from three materials, each layer designed to adapt to changes in temperature and moisture so they stick with it as long as you do.

Two Part System
Magnets on the ends of the Intake band attach to the steel disks in the *center* of each tab, holding your nasal passageways open without peeling or pulling.

Patented Details
The Intake tabs are fully patented, making Intake the only breathing system of its kind on the market—and only found here.


Sleek Design
The unique shape keeps the band dipped down out of your line of sight, so once it’s on, you can’t see it.

Patented Details
Only available here, the Intake band technology has been carefully thought out so you get the best breathing possible.

Full Size Range
We offer a complete range of bands that accommodate noses of all shapes and sizes. From a button to a honker, we’ve got you covered.

“I have been using nasal strips for a while now in racing motocross and off-road races, but had issues with them staying on in a long off-road race, but kept doing it as the strips helped open up my nasal passages. I went to Intake Breathing hoping to have something perform just as well as the nasal strips but stay in place, and fortunately for me they perform WAY better. I couldn’t believe how much it opened up my nasal passages even compared to nasal strips, and this thing stays in place! The little magnets hold well with the small adhesive tabs to your nose all day, and the band holds onto the magnets well also. Cannot say enough good things, this is now a must have in my moto and exercise bag!”

Josh Mundy

“Words can’t describe how much of a difference it is using this product. Ever since I used the Intake System I couldn’t ride without using the product. It enhances breathing and creates added airflow to reduce arm pump and gives me the potential to ride 100%. Of all of my motocross gear this is my main priority and to make sure I don’t forget this device at home so I can perform at maximum ability. I am excited to use the Intake System with other sports and exercise as well. This is one of the best ideas that ever hit the market.”


Hans Van Hethoen

“I noticed a huge difference in my sprint workouts in terms of recovery in between sets. Long distance jogs I felt more relaxed because I was reminded to breath out of my nose, which was effortless with the band. Sleeping was EPIC as well. I sleep like a rock with the band on, which is amazing for me because my recovery is even more important than the training at times. Weight sessions I felt a difference again in terms of my more relaxed breathing. Kept me centered and because of that I was able to focus more and power through the session. Overall it’s AMAZING and I actually really love it. Wasn’t sure at first if it would benefit me because I’m a sprinter but it did help just in a different way than I expected!”

Maya Aviezar

“I’ve always had issues breathing it of my nose due to major sinus issues. I had nothing to lose to try Intake Breathing Systems and boy am I glad I did! Instantly about to breathe through my nose when I put the band on. I can literally show people that my nose does not allow me to breathe inward without the Intake band. This performance edge has increased my endurance, stamina, and also decreased my muscle fatigue. Bought two when I placed my first order to help out a friend willing to try the product. My buddy was blown away just as much as I was. Never have I been excited this much about a product. I would wear it 100% of the time if I could!”

Jayce Rebar on June 08, 2018

“In 2017, chronic sinus inflammation from allergies left me unable to breathe properly through m nose. As a coach and an athlete, knowing the importance of nasal breathing, I turned to store bought nasal strips to help. And the number of training sessions and races they made it through was 0. But it was what it was. Then in spring 2018 while watching Super Cross I noticed some of the athletes wearing what looked like industrial nose strips. Obviously i had to look into it. Since then it’s completely changed the game. This is NOT your mama’s nasal strip. Not only did it DRAMATICALLY improve my nasal breathing, but it staying on not only through sweaty training sessions, but rades as well, even in an out of water and caked i dirt, I don’t think twice about it falling off. And the take it a step further, I TRULY found out the true benefits of nasal breathing. It’s hard to describe, but you never feel like you need a preworkout ever again, which as an athlete that doesn’t use supplements is super important to me. The most noticeable difference is the lack of lactic acid build up. At the 2018 OCR world championship short course, where the arm pump for most people was starting to make things impossible, I was hardly pumped at all, giving me an advantage over others that have beaten be in past races. I couldn’t love it more.”

Erin Seekins

“I can’t say enough about the Intake Breathing bands. I’ve been using breathe strips at night for snoring and headaches. They generally fall off, and do a marginal job at best. They absolutely do not work at any capacity for any sporting related needs. I was blown away by the adhesive bond the magnetic pads have. I’ve slept with them, rode with them, even showered with them just to see how well they work. The power of the magnets is unreal! It literally pulls your nasal passages open so you can truly breathe. I have noticed a deeper sleep, improved performance deep into long motos, and reduced arm pump due to a higher oxygen content in my blood thanks to the Intake band. I would highly recommend this product to any athlete, or person suffering from issues breathing through their nose. They took their time developing and testing a truly amazing product and it shows.”

Chris Kinerk on May 17, 2018

“As an athlete of obstacle course racing and motocross both being long duration high demanding sports I am always looking for that extra edge. This past year I began using Intake Breathing to up my oxygen intake and the rest is history. I said goodbye to arm pump during obstacle course races and my motos. Not only does nasal breathing improve oxygen uptake and utilization it keeps your mind and body at ease which I use to my advantage when I can tell my competitors are starting to fall to fatigue. As a personal trainer and athlete I recommend this product to everyone searching for that extra edge on their competition.”

Evan Nystrom

“The system is awesome! I’ve been using it when I am guiding backcountry snowmobiling. We ride between 9,000 to 12,000 feet and have to dig out snowmobiles in waist deep snow. It has really helped me tremendously with that. I love it! It’s great at the high altitude in Steamboat Springs. It definitely makes a difference on the road bike and on the motocross track. Got one always sitting by the cycle and one packed in the moto gear bag at all times.”

Michael Lambert

“I had a chance to use the system today. I was slightly skeptical comparing it to traditional nose strip systems.  I was blown away. Intake Breathing is in a class of its own. Coming from someone who uses a cpap system and suffers from a deviated septum.  Intake offers a fresh breath of air. Thank you.”

Lenear Brown

“After my first training session, I knew I was hooked. My heart rate was lower and all performance measures were enhanced significantly over my previous training rides.  And the best thing was, I just felt faster using it. My first race using it was one of the best races of my life and I set a personal record. This device is a total game changer. …by the way I’m not bulls#@ting when I made this statement for my friend. I’m a true believer and supporter.”

Sean Pitts

I have been an athlete my whole life and have used plenty of nasal strips. I would wear them every football game and honestly didn’t know if they were working or not! It became more of a style and superstition to wear it. After competitive sports were over, I became a professional trainer but I didn’t find a reason to wear nasal strips anymore. Fast forward to when Dave Castillo became my client and let me test the Intake band out! It was an instant game changer. For instance, I did the workout below For time. That means performing each exercise for 21 reps then 18 and so forth as fast as possible. Without the band I thought I was flying, however you can see that I was able to accomplish a better time with the Intake band. During the workout towards the middle rounds 15-12-9 is usually where I am sucking air… when I hit those rounds with the Intake band on I noticed I was still easily breathing through my nose and my heart rate was very noticeably recovering more quickly, using a heart rate monitor. I am a firm believer in the Intake band and its capabilities for athletes at every level.

Alpha: 7 rds 21-18-15-12-9-6-3 For time

A1. Thrusters 95lbs
A2.Burpee + pull ups
A3. GHD sit ups

  1. Without band: 26:38
  2. With Intake Band: 23:45

Krys Cash

“I’d been mountain biking a lot already when I first got the band. The difference was pretty amazing when I rode in the band. I was able to go longer and harder with greater ease. My recovery was a super noticeable difference at the end of a hard effort. I won’t ride without it. Recently I used it snowboarding. It really blew my mind up in the mountains. I did a few runs without it and then put it on. It was a massive difference in my leg endurance.”

Riley Harper

Intake is coming to kickstarter this spring
Sign up for early bird savings up to 50% off!