How to use Intake

Finding your Band size and perfect Tab placement can take some learning.

Watch these informational videos before applying Intake to ensure you get the most out of your nose breathing experience. 

Application Video

This video is the most important step in using Intake. It will take you step by step through how to apply your Tabs and Band for the best results.

Tab Placement

The Application Video above shows you each step in applying Intake. The Tab Placement video below will take you deeper into exactly where your Tabs should go on the nose. Remember, if the Tabs aren’t placed correctly, the Band can’t sit correctly.

The Band isn't fitting

Intake offers 6 different sizes for you to try. The 4 most commonly worn sizes come with your Starter Kit, so you can easily find the one that fits you best. If you are struggling with your Band not fitting or sitting right, this video will help you discover why and which size to use. 

The Band is Pushing On Your nose

If the Band is pushing on the bridge of your nose or causing any other kind of discomfort, either the Tabs need to be placed differently or the Band is the wrong size, or both. Use this video to discover what you may need to alter in order to experience Intake at its best.  

How To Find Your Size

Finding your size is easy. You can just follow the steps below to check each of the Bands that come with your kit. If you are in between sizes or can't really tell if one is hitting the widest part of your nostrils, you may be in between sizes. That just means you will likely benefit from either Band. Try both to see if you have a preference. 

More questions? Suggestions for helpful videos? Need help?

We’re here for you. If you are still struggling with getting the most out of your Intake please reach out to us so we can make it right.