Size Matters

Your Starter Kit comes with our middle 4 out of the 6 sizes that we offer. It’s important that you have the best size for you, otherwise your Intake Band won’t work properly and you will miss out on all the great benefits.  

We offer a total of six sizes. To get you started, we include the middle four sizes so you can easily choose which works best for you. Most people prefer one out of the four offered but if you need the smallest size (S1) or the largest size (L2), please contact us.

Finding Your Size

Everyone’s nose is different, but we have found that the best way to find the size that works for you is to hold each one up to the width of your nostrils. The one that barely touches the widest part of your nostrils to the insides of the Band is usually the best size for you.  

Too Small

The insides of the Intake Band are inside the width of his nostrils. This Band will fit and open his nose, but it’s not going to be as effective as a larger Band. 

Perfect Size

The insides of the Intake Band are just slightly touching the outsides of the widest part of his nostrils. 

Too Large

The insides of the Intake Band aren’t even close to touching the sides of his nostrils. This Band will open the nose too much, likely causing the Tabs to pull off.

Finding Your Size

Intake offers 6 different sizes for you to try. The 4 most commonly worn sizes come with your Starter Kit so you can easily find the one that fits you best. If you need help with your Band fitting or sitting right, this video will help you discover why and which size to use. 

The Band Isn't Fitting

If you need more instruction, or you're looking to troubleshoot any discomfort while using your Band, this video will help you determine what combination of issues may be going wrong that are keeping you from enjoying Intake at its best. 

Commonly asked questions

We get a lot of questions about sizing, both from people looking to try the Band for the first time and those who have already tried a few different sizes. Whether you're about to place your first order or you've already received your Kit, here are answers to the questions we most frequently receive.