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Intake Breathing Refill Pack - 300

Bulk Pack Refills

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Includes: 300 uses of Intake Tabs for 10 months of daily or nightly use.

300 uses come in 10 Refill Packs 

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Cost per use

  • The Facts

The Bulk Pack comes with 10 months of daily use with a total of 300 uses

  • The Materials

Our Tabs are made of 100% medical grade, latex-free, hypoallergenic 3M materials. We combine three layers of proprietary materials to achieve a sweat-wicking, incredibly sticky, stay-all-day, and night effect. Inside of each Tab is a small steel disc that the magnets inside the Band attract to.

  • How To Use

Check out the application video on our How To Use Intake Page for a step-by-step on how to apply your Tabs. Simply cleanse the skin, wait to dry, and use the included Applicator to place a magnetic Tab on either side of your nose.

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"Breathe through your mouth as much as you eat through your nose."

—Dr. Gerlach, Level II-certified Buteyko breathing practitioner

Daytime and Nighttime Relief

Nasal breathing is essential for optimal health and performance. Intake helps support each and every breath, whether you’re wearing it through a whole night’s sleep or your afternoon workout.


Support your nervous system and sleep cycle so you can fully recharge and be ready for the day.

  • Reduce snoring

  • Improve oral health

  • Rest and recharge

  • Increase energy levels


Help sharpen your focus and boost your endurance while you’re up and at ‘em.

  • Maximize recovery

  • Lower heart rate

  • Boost oxygen absorption

  • Optimize performance

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