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Intake Magnetic Applicator - 2 Pack

Magnetic Applicator - 2 Pack

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Includes: Two Magnetic Applicators.

Two Magnetic Applicators to place the Tabs on your nose 

  • The Facts

The Applicator is used to place your Intake Tabs properly on either side of your nose. Use to avoid touching the adhesive with your fingers and ensure you get perfect placement. 

  • The Materials

The Applicator is made from silicone and has a small magnet inside to pick up each Tab easily.

  • How To Use

We recommend watching The Application Video on our How To Use Intake Page to see how to use the Applicator. Simply hold the Magnetic Applicator up to an individual Tab and use it to hold the Tab in place while you peel off the backing. Then use it to place each Tab on your nose.  

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