Intake Kit

Just the Kit: 2 Intake Bands, 10 uses of Intake Tabs, 10 Prep Wipes, 1 Magnetic Applicator, 1 Travel Case

Refill Plan: 30 uses of Intake Tabs to keep you breathing through your nose—not your mouth.

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When you include a Refill Plan with your Kit, your subscription will start right away. You can expect your Kit and your Refill Plan to arrive together.

What sets us apart

We pick up where the other guys left off—and take it to the next level. Here are the differences you can expect with Intake.


Won't let you down

Withstands Moisture

Including blood, sweat, and tears

Looks good

Wow, do you work out or something?


Is always letting you down


Will not withstand your tears

Looks less good

I had a really nice time, but...

How it works

Our patented two-part system uses magnetic tabs to open your nose to its widest capacity. Minimum adhesive plus a band that holds its shape ensures long weartime, maximum comfort, and unparalleled airflow.

Don't take it from us

Take it from all these nose breathers.

Night and day difference

Intake helps support each and every breath, whether you're wearing it through your afternoon workout or a full night's sleep.

Daytime image


Help sharpen your focus and boost your endurance while you're up and at 'em.

Maximize Recovery
Lower Heart Rate
Boost Oxygen Absorption
Optimize Performance


Support your nervous system and sleep cycle so you can rest up and do it all again.

Reduce Snoring
Improve Oral Health
Better Waking Hours
Rest and Recharge
Nighttime image
Refill plans image Refill plans image

Refill Plans

Intake Tabs conveniently delivered to your door. Flexible plans to fit your needs. You'll never have to be a mouth breather again.

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