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Intake Case

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Includes: One white Intake Case and one Magnetic Applicator.

One magnetic Applicator to place the Tabs on your nose

Your Intake Case that carries 5 days or nights' worth of Tabs, one Intake Band, and one magnetic Applicator

The Facts

This small, magnetic case holds up to 5 sets of Tabs, one Intake Band, and one Applicator for safe travel. 

The Materials

This case is made up of a hard plastic outside, soft silicone inside, and a strong magnetic closure.

How To Use

Place each of your Intake items inside and store in a room temperature space.

The compact Intake Case

Small yet mighty. Only 3 cm tall and 6.5 cm wide so it can go anywhere you want to breathe better. 

The Applicator

Designed so you can magnetically pick up each of your Tabs and place them exactly where you need to.