Is it a coincidence that inspiration is a synonym for inhalation? We don’t think so. Each day that we come to work, we’re reminded of how all of us are united by this one extraordinary and yet totally mundane thing: our breath. It’s why we created Intake in the first place. We were inspired by the people around us, and we wanted to make something that would help them achieve their highest potential. Now, watching our users surpass their goals makes us want to work even harder. Consider it mutual inspiration.


We’ve put Intake through the classic gauntlet of blood, sweat, and tears, and we can say with confidence: we’re in this with you for the long haul. The Intake band will stick with you in just about any circumstance so you can perform your best without worry. And the Intake team will stick by you, too.


We’re not only committed to innovation in our product, but in how our company works. The world doesn’t need one more fad, one more corporation, one more cash cow. We’re here simply because we’re obsessed with improvement. We want to help you work towards your best self, and we hope you’ll keep us in line too–if we’re not fulfilling our promise to you, let us know. Let’s stay on the up and up together.

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Our bodies are pretty incredible, but for all we put them through, they’re not always perfect. As active people, we’d always been told to breathe through our nose–increased oxygenation, better performance, and less lung irritation–but most of us had trouble doing that. We realized we weren’t alone: a survey we conducted showed us that 67% of the people we polled had trouble nose-breathing to the extent that it interfered with both their athletic performance and their sleep.

We learned that chronic or even semi-frequent mouth breathing has some pretty serious consequences, each ultimately stemming from a lack of oxygen reaching your brain, muscles, and bloodstream. Dark circles under your eyes, even after a full night’s sleep? Generalized anxiety, despite a post-run endorphin rush? Fatigue and brain fog that not even the strongest cup of coffee can scare away? We’ve been there too, and we don’t plan on going back.
That’s why we created Intake, a magnetic band that opens your nasal passages to help you get the most out of both your workout and your recovery. Intake works by holding your nasal passages open at their narrowest point, the place where they would naturally pinch shut if you took a sharp inhale through your nose (try it) or be most affected by an issue like a deviated septum. Intake allows you to benefit from maximum oxygen flow without strain, which in turn allows you to train better, think better, rest better, and most importantly, feel better.

You don’t have to be a professional athlete or a hardcore gym-rat to benefit from Intake. We’re not. We’re just regular humans who wanted to feel good when we were going about our day-to-day, and the solution we found works so well that we want to share it with you too, whether you’re an Olympic trainee or a desk jockey or some place in between. The idea behind this is simple: If you can breathe your best, you can be your best, no matter where you are.