What is Kickstarter?

Kickstarter is a platform for innovators to reach out to their community and share their vision to solve a problem in the world.

In return, the community has the opportunity to purchase the future product at a discount and help make the the product and solution a reality. On the day we launch our campaign in April (exact day to be announced) we are asking for your help to get this project up off the ground! Day one is the most important day of our campaign.  The more people who “back” us on Day 1, the higher we rank on Kickstarter and the more people who will see our project! You do not have to donate much- even $5 will help us reach our goals!

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What is Happening?

At Intake, our mission is to make the freedom of nose breathing available to everybody.
In service of that goal, we strive to always be authentic, innovative, customer focused, and community driven.
In order for us to provide the best product, cost, and value, we decided to launch our pre-sale campaign on Kickstarter. Kickstarter gives you a backstage pass to Intake.     

What We Learned in Phase 1 (AC Performance Systems):

  • Our original size range did not accommodate all users. It was skewed too large and the difference between each size was insignificant. Users had a difficult time properly choosing their size.
  • The Band and/or the tabs didn’t always stay stuck.  Although we have very few users who report back that they had trouble with the system staying put, we want everyone to be happy.  This also has to do with our sizing. When the size is too big for your nose, it pulls so hard that it can remove the tabs. With proper sizing this no longer becomes an issue and the tabs stay stuck for as long as you need.
  • Our original packaging was not made to last. It did not include a proper case to house the different components of a complete kit for continued use. Pieces were easily lost and the system was inconvenient to travel with, carry, or store.
  • An overwhelming amount of users desired a subscription service for the tabs for continued use. It was inconvenient to remember to purchase the refill tabs every month.

Where do we go from here?

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