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Intake Refill Pack

    500+ Reviews

  • 20% Savings on 3 Packs

1 Pack (20 uses)3 Pack (60 uses)

Each Refill Pack includes:

  • 2 refill containers (40 individual tabs totaling 20 uses)

  • 20 prep wipes

*If you do not already own an Intake Kit, you may want to get that first! Click here for Starter Kit options

Product Details

  • Compatible with Intake Sport Kit Travel Case

  • Specially formulated to stay stuck during even the most intense training, Intake tabs contain a small steel disk to allow them to attach to the magnetic ends of the Intake Band.

  •  Application: Apply them to each nostril, hover the band over your nose, and feel the magnets snap as the band attaches, opening your nose to full capacity.

  • Removal: Lift gently from a corner of the tab and slowly peel away from skin. Use warm water to help break up adhesion if the hold is too strong.