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Intake Prep-Wipes
  • Witch Hazel Prep Wipes

  • Alcohol free, fragrance free

  • Plant Based, Flushable, Compostable

1 Pack (30 count)2 Pack (60 count)3 Pack (90 count)


We specially formulated our cleansing wipes to safely & effectively prepare your skin before applying our patented nose strips for breathing. Our face wipes gently remove dirt, oil & makeup from your nose before application. Without the need for sterility, we made a better alternative to harsh alcohol prep pads.

Product Details

🧑‍🔬 SKIN FRIENDLY: Our ph balanced formula contains no harsh chemicals, alcohols, or preservatives. Suitable for daily use on even the most sensitive skin. We chose an alcohol-free witch hazel astringent to gently cleanse, tone & preserve moisture balance.

🍃 PLANT BASED: Our fabric is made of wood pulp which means they are fully degradable and even flushable. Traditional face wipes or makeup wipes are made with synthetic fabrics that include polyester or polypropylene which can not breakdown naturally. Furthermore, we store 30 facial wipes in a single recyclable packet to reduce waste with less packaging.

✈️ TRAVEL SIZE: Size matters when it comes to disposable face wipes. Use only what you need. Our petite towelettes get the job done without creating a ton of waste or taking up too much space. You will want to have these in your carry-on next time you fly. Why not throw them in your gym bag, makeup bag, toiletry bag or purse?