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"I can’t say enough about the Intake Breathing bands. I’ve been using breathe strips at night for snoring and headaches. They generally fall off, and do a marginal job at best. They absolutely do not work at any capacity for any sporting related needs. I was blown away by the adhesive bond the magnetic pads have. I’ve slept with them, rode with them, even showered with them just to see how well they work. The power of the magnets is unreal! It literally pulls your nasal passages open so you can truly breathe."


2 APR 2018

"I am a Kickstarter supporter and was really excited about this product when I had first seen it. They promised better breathing and more flexibility. They delivered. I have suffered from Chronic Rhino-Sinusitis for most of my life. I also have a deviated septum and have gone through three surgeries trying to correct it. The Intake system works. I only use it at night at this time and it gives me a solid nights sleep without waking up feeling like I'm suffocating. I had used other breathing strips for years and always had the challenge of them falling off or loosing their grip quickly. The Intake tabs grab and hold. They last a long time. As well, I am able to remove the clip and reattach it with no ill effects or having to replace the tabs. That is a boon for me. I cannot recommend this product more highly. It works, it's effective and I will be a customer for as long as they are in business."


26 DEC 2019

"My husband and I have used several types of nose strips in the past with varying effects. I saw and backed this on kickstarter and am so happy I did! We both sleep much better and my husband in fact wears his at work as well. We have both noticed an increase in energy level. I now have an automatic shipment of tabs coming because I cannot imagine not having it. Thank you for coming through so well!"


23 JAN 2020

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