Intake is not your average nasal strip

Nothing compares to breathing with Intake.

What’s the difference between Intake and Nasal Strips?

We get this question a lot. Ultimately, we have the same goal as traditional nasal strips—to open your nose and help you breathe—but we think we’ve made some big strides in the nose breathing industry. Here’s what sets Intake apart:

Its durable. The Intake tabs won’t peel off during sleep, so you won’t wake up with it stuck to your pillow in the morning. The band is strong and rigid, meaning your nose will remain comfortably held open for however long you choose to wear it.


It’s a two part system. Intake opens your nose differently. First you stick two tabs embedded with metal discs to either side of your nose. Then you hover the band over the top and allow the magnets to take hold, instantly opening your nose. Why is that better?

  1. It only attaches to the sides of your nose on two small points, so it doesn’t pull on the bridge of your nose like traditional nasal strips. This makes the band more comfortable, and allows it to actually open your nasal passageways, rather than simply pulling on the top of your nose. No more skin damage when you wake up!
  2. The band doesn’t bend, so your nose will open as wide as the band size that you choose! That means you have control over how open you want your nose to be.


It’s more effective. This sounds like a throwaway answer, but it’s true: Intake is able to open your nose far wider than nasal strips, making it a particularly good option for those who have tried nasal strips but seen little to no improvement in their breathing. Intake is also able to stay on your nose for longer, so you don’t have to worry about tossing and turning or sweating it off during the night.

Are there any side effects from using the Intake System?

Because Intake supports your body’s natural breathing process, you’re very unlikely to experience side effects. You will, however, begin to see the physiological benefits associated with nose breathing after consistent use: deeper sleep and less snoring during rest, and more energy and a sharper mind upon waking. If you are entirely new to nose breathing, you may experience some slight initial discomfort in your nasal passages from greater airflow. This discomfort is temporary and should not cause you any issues. It also likely means that you’re in the right place!

The Benefits of Nose Breathing and Sleep

The benefits of nose breathing during sleep are similar to the benefits of nose breathing during the day: it boosts your body’s level of available oxygen, increases blood flow, regulates your body temperature, and helps you stay hydrated.


During sleep, however, nose breathing is particularly important. Nose breathing helps curb breathing disturbances associated with chronic snoring and sleep apnea, which means better, deeper sleep, healthier lung and throat tissue, and—if you suffer from sleep apnea—a healthier heart.


People who make a conscious effort to switch from mouth to nose breathing during sleep report feeling more rested, having greater stores of energy, and improved mental clarity.

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How long will the tabs stay on my nose? Will they fall off overnight?

Our tabs will stay stuck until you take them off, which means they’ll wear comfortably overnight. Intake was originally designed for athletes, and the tabs have been engineered to withstand sweat, moisture, and occasional bumps and disturbances. If applied to clean skin, they are very unlikely to fall off during any activity. Sleep soundly!

Partner having sleep disturbances?

You’re not alone—close to 90 million Americans report each year that their partners snore. Typically, snoring occurs when sleepers breathe through their mouth rather than their nose. This is because mouth breathing elongates and narrows your airway, making the tissues there more likely to vibrate when you breathe and create that distinctive sound. If snoring is severe, it can cause sleep disturbances, breathing issues, irritated tissues, and can even be indicative of sleep apnea.


If you or your partner are a chronic snorer, the easiest way to fix breathing issued and deepen sleep is to breathe through the nose. That’s where Intake comes in. Unlike traditional nasal strips, Intake opens your nasal passageways wide enough to actually help you breathe through your nose, even if you suffer from a physiological issue like a deviated septum.

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