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Who is Intake for

Q: Is Intake only for people who have issues with their nose?
A: No! Actually, only one person here at Intake (our CEO) has a history of sinus congestion that makes it hard for him to breathe through his nose, even at rest. In fact, the rest of us considered ourselves pretty good at breathing through our nose—until we tried Intake, and realized there was a whole world of air out there that we didn’t even know we were missing. But if you do have a history of allergies, sinus infections, a deviated septum, or anything that makes it difficult for you to breathe, Intake may help greatly.


Q: Which sports is Intake most suited for?
A: Intake is suitable for the vast majority of sports, activities, and training regimens. We designed Intake specifically with both athletes and the average gym-goer in mind, and we’ve found the system to hold up exceptionally well for everything from football to yoga to motocross. The only sports that might compromise Intake’s weartime are those with substantial facial contact, such as grappling or boxing, and water sports.


Q: Does this include triathlons?
A: Yes! We recommend removing the Band for the swim portion, but leaving the Tabs on throughout so you can easily apply the Band again for the following leg. If you don’t have a secure place to store the Band while swimming, you may leave it on, though prolonged submersion can sometimes affect weartime.

How it works

Q: Do the magnets go inside your nose?
A: Yikes! This is America, not Dante’s Inferno. Intake sits comfortably on the outside of your nose. The magnets are secured on the ends of the reusable Band, and the breathing Tabs (which contain the steel disk the magnet attaches to) are designed to adhere to the outer skin on your nose, just above each nostrils. If you’re someone who has searched high and low for a nose-breathing solution and ended up having to settle for sticking something up your nose, don’t worry: Intake is comfortable and noninvasive.


Q: Is this another snake oil gimmick like those magnetic bracelets?
A: We don’t claim any benefit to the magnetic features of Intake other than offering the noninvasive function of holding your nostrils open. When we were designing Intake, we tested a number of ways to best keep the Band on your nose, from various tapes to Velcro. None of these worked for the same reason that traditional nasal strips don’t stay stuck for long: the skin on your nose moves a lot when you make facial expressions, and also tends to produce sweat and sebum (the natural oil produced by your skin) quickly. So, any method that relied primarily on an adhesive was out.

Using magnets allowed us to cut down on the surface area of adhesive that would have to touch your skin, meaning the Band could sit without budging for much longer. This is what contributes to Intake’s unparalleled wear time and ability to effectively open your nose.

Issues staying on

Q: What if my Tabs peel off?
A: There’s a couple reasons this could be happening. If you haven’t done this yet, watch our application video while you apply your Tabs (also check out how not to apply as well, so you can troubleshoot). Make sure you’re applying your Tabs in the right direction, with the cutout facing your cheek, the flat side parallel to the bridge of your nose, and the steel disk sitting just over the curve of your nostril. Once you’ve found the right placement, press each Tab into your skin for several seconds to seal the adhesive and prevent any air pockets.

It’s also important to make sure that the Tabs are applied to clean, dry skin so the adhesive can effectively work its magic. Since the Tabs are sweat-wicking, they need a clean canvas to work. Thoroughly clean your nose with the included prep wipe and let it dry before placing your Tabs. That way, the adhesive won’t be compromised with any additional moisture or oil.

If you’re applying the Tabs properly to a clean, dry nose and they’re still coming off, try sizing down to a smaller Band size (Bands that are too large will pull harder on the Tabs, making them more likely to peel off before you want them to).

Color options

Q: Does the Band come in different colors?
A: We originally designed our Bands in black due to its non-reflective nature, similar to Eye Black that football and baseball players use. However, we fully intend to have multiple colors available in the future. We already gave this a test run with our Kickstarter backers, and had great results, so stay tuned!

Intake vs. Nasal Strips

Q: Nasal strips always slide off my nose. Will I have the same issue with Intake?
A: No, Intake’s two-part design allows longer wear time than nasal strips—it won’t come off while you’re sleeping, and it won’t come off while you’re exercising. Here’s how the design helps Intake achieve longer wear: when you wear a nasal strip, you’re relying on the adhesive to both open your nose and stick to your skin. Because the adhesive has to do two jobs, it loses its effectiveness fairly quickly. With Intake, the adhesive just has to stay stuck, while the Band does the work of opening your nose.


Q: Does Intake open your nose wider than nasal strips?
A: Yes! Intake holds your nose open far wider than disposable nasal strips. This is because Intake is a strong, rigid Band that comfortably holds your nose open to a fixed point. Nasal strips, on the other hand, collapse upon inhale.


Q: I need to wear nasal strips daily, but they irritate my skin. Will I have this issue with Intake?
A: We get it—that’s why we designed Intake to be as comfortable as possible. The Band doesn’t press into your skin or leave imprints, and the adhesive Tabs are very small, so you can wear the system for a long time without pain, discomfort, or irritation. Because there’s very little stress on the adhesive, it won’t pull off your skin while you’re wearing it.

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