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So...it’s a nasal strip?

Yes and no, but mostly--no. Comparing Intake to traditional nasal strips is a little bit like comparing a racehorse to a miniature pony: yes, they’re both horses, but you’re more likely to win the Kentucky Derby riding Secretariat than you are riding Tiny James from the petting zoo. Here’s how Intake has solved the areas where traditional nasal strips fall short:

  1. Intake is meant for more than just congestion relief, so we’ve designed it to stay stuck no matter what. Sweat, water, mud, snot, tears (it’s okay, no judgement)--Intake is with you through it all.
  2. Intake’s design holds your nasal passages open far wider than disposable nasal strips. This is because your nostrils are fixed against a rigid plastic band, rather than the skin on the bridge of your nose. This also makes Intake more comfortable--because it’s held in place by two small adhesive magnets, there’s nothing pulling on your skin.
  3. Intake is reusable, and because our adhesive magnets come as a customizable subscription service, you never have to worry about running out. Plus, everything comes in a specially designed carrying case, which makes it all a little bit easier.

Is this only for people who have issues with their nose?

Nope! Actually, only one person here at Intake (our CEO) has a history of sinus congestion that makes it hard for him to breathe through his nose, even at rest. In fact, the rest of us considered ourselves pretty naturally excellent at breathing through our nose--until we tried Intake, and realized there was a whole world of oxygen out there that we didn’t even realize we were missing. But if you do have a history of allergies, sinus infections, deviated septum, or anything that makes it difficult for you to breathe, Intake may help greatly.

Will this help with snoring and sleep?

Maybe. There are a lot of different reasons why one might snore or have trouble sleeping. We have had several users report incredible benefits to wearing Intake to sleep [ie From freight train level snoring to absolutely nothing]. If you have ever tried nasal strips and felt that they helped a bit, Intake will blow your mind.

We also plan to launch a sleep specific Intake kit for those who need help with their (or their partner’s) snoring issues. But don’t wait for us! Our current kit may help immensely with anyone who snores or who just needs a better night’s sleep. If not, send it back and keep your money.

Do magnets go inside your nose?

Yikes! This is America, not Dante’s Inferno. Intake sits comfortably on the outside of your nose. If you’re someone who has searched high and low for a nose-breathing solution and ended up trying those cones that go up your nose or that one thing that looks disturbingly like an IUD, fear not. We would never do that to you.

Also, the magnets are inside the re-usable band, not the disposable tabs. More on this in the environment tab above.

Magnetic band? Is this another snake oil gimmick?

We don't claim any benefit to the magnetic features other than the strict function of being a strong force to pull your nostrils wide open.

Does the band come in different colors?

We originally designed our bands in black due to its non reflective nature, similar to Eye Black that football and baseball players use.  However, we fully intend to have multiple colors available in the future! 

How long will it take to get my order?

All orders typically ship within one business day. Inside of the USA, we offer free shipping via USPS and provide the option to choose between [FREE SHIPPING] first class mail (3-7 business days arrival), [EXPEDITED] Priority Mail (2-3 business days arrival), or [EXPEDITED] Priority Mail Express (1-2 business day arrival).

See "International" tab above for International information.

What payment options do I have?

We are currently accepting credit and debit cards as well as Paypal and Amazon pay.

Where is Intake Available to Purchase

Right here! Intake is available on our website as well as some larger online dealers. Coming to Amazon soon.

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How is Intake making this world a better place?

Ecoenclose - partners for packaging

Sustainable Printing sources

Reusable packaging / travel case

recyclable plastics

Are there magnets in the disposable tabs?

No. We use magnetic steel which can be melted down and reused.

So are you guys the authorities on nasal breathing?

No! We’re just really big fans who do a lot of research. We’re always learning, and it’s our goal to keep you in the loop too. Check out our Research page, where we post links to articles we love and summaries of relevant studies we’ve found.

Why should I wear this?

Breathing exclusively through your nose has been scientifically proven to be superior to breathing through your mouth, particularly during strenuous exercise. So why have we all heard “in through the nose, out through the mouth” (also, why do we all still breath through our mouths anyway)? Because exclusive nose breathing during increased heart rates wasn’t truly possible before Intake. During sharp nasal inhales, our nostrils suck themselves shut, making comfortable and sustainable breathing impossible. Intake keeps your nose open, ensuring you can breathe deeply without strain, giving you access to all the oxygen you need. It’s a humble improvement on human evolution, if we do say so ourselves.

I already have a pretty good nose. I breathe good, I smell good, I look good, etc. Is Intake going to be worth it for me?

YES! In fact, most of us at Intake breathe good, smell good, and look good--and we’ve seen such a big difference while using Intake that we can’t imagine exercising without it. Here’s the thing: even a biologically perfect nose isn’t able to deliver enough oxygen to the body on its own during increased heart rates, so you won’t be able to reap the full benefits of nasal breathing without a nasal dilator. We designed Intake to open your nose to its widest capacity, and keep it open, so if you’ve tried traditional nasal dilators and not found much of a difference, Intake could be an especially good option for you.

I tried Intake and found it easier to breathe through my nose initially, but once I started working out, I still had trouble getting enough air. What gives?

It takes time for your body to adjust to a new method of breathing. We’ve found that 3 to 4 full workouts with Intake seems to be the magic number for the body to begin adjusting to nasal breathing. After that time, you’ll start to see a pretty substantial difference in your endurance and recovery. You’ll reap the most benefits with continued use. It helps to practice first without Intake: try incorporating nose-breathing into a couple workouts to build physical recognition of nasal breathing, and then try it with Intake.

I’m a big fan of in-through-the-nose, out-through-the-mouth, and I’m probably going to keep doing that.

That’s cool. We used to be like that too. Now we’re fans of in-through-the-nose, out-through-the-nose. Life is change, right?

I heard the average American eats seven spiders per month in their sleep. Will Intake save me from the fate of the average American?

Yes. Intake may help prevent mouth breathing while sleeping, allowing any spiders to instead crawl unobtrusively up your nose. Just kidding--we all know spiders are fearful creatures and sleep-eating them is nothing but internet legend. Intake may however contribute to deeper sleep by preventing snoring and helping to regulate your breathing, which may indeed save you from the sleep problems experienced by the average American (164 million of us, to be specific)

Okay but in all seriousness: my nostrils feel alarmingly open when wearing Intake. Is this safe? What if a gnat or a beetle or a UFO flies in there?

Your nostrils do feel very open when wearing Intake, but rest assured, they’re not being pulled apart so wide that your mucus and nose hairs can’t do their job. Plus, breathing through a wide open nose is still safer than breathing through an open mouth: our noses are built to help filter out particulates and regulate air temperature, so the air that reaches our lungs is conditioned to be as non-irritating as possible. Our throats aren’t equipped with the same filtering process, so breathing through your mouth can cause irritation and tissue dehydration.

International shipping?

We are currently shipping only within the US, Canada, Europe, Australia, and New Zealand. International distribution and logistics can be challenging and expensive. USPS is the cheapest option but can be less reliable and slow (up to 21 business days). DHL is expensive but they offer a more reliable service and they are much faster (3 business days).

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I get how the product works, How do I start?

Intake offers one of the best memberships around. Come join #teamintake!

Each month, you’ll receive however many tabs you need to keep you breathing strong.

I’m into this, but I’ve already got Birchbox, Barkbox, MistoBox, Boxycharm, Blue Apron, and a backlog of 857 issues of the New Yorker. I don’t know if I can handle another subscription service.

We get it, and while we didn’t really want to bring another subscription into the world, we found that this was the most convenient system for all of us. We promise this won’t feel like just another subscription service: we’ll send you your tabs once a month (at a quantity you choose) and then be out of your hair. You can edit, cancel, or put a hold on your membership at any time.

I changed my mind. I am VERY INTO SUBSCRIPTIONS. I need more than just a monthly tab supply. What else do you have?

Wow! We’re flattered! We have a bi-monthly newsletter that’s pretty fun most of the time--think promos, tips and tricks, features of some of our coolest users, the general run-around. You can sign up for that here. There are also plenty of perks to being an Intake member that you’ll be able to take advantage of, like exclusive gifts, discounts, and first access to new product upgrades, to name a few.

Still need answers? We are happy to answer any and all questions or concerns.

Contact us directly at: info@intakebreathing.com.